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Why Most People Will NOT Delete Facebook

With the recent Facebook hullabaloo with Cambridge Analytica, people were clamoring for an exodus from the social media platform. #DeleteFacebook was trending on Twitter and in most places online. This was a protest due to Facebook’s mishandling of the users’ personal information. Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm from the UK, used the data from more than 50 million Facebook users without their knowledge.

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Don't sell Flip Flops in a Blizzard

Artificial Intelligence is no longer the imaginative filament of a futurist's dreams - it is now a business requirement. There are lots of apps that will allow your company to literally unplug and "hire" a social media manager that eats only RAM. Gone are the days where it requires an entire department devoted to research, curation and the composition of content..that loses its luster from the moment of publication.

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Feel like the "most interesting person in the world?" Try asking your Uber driver to tell you about the weirdest thing to happen to them this week. They've seen it all. One in particular mentioned that he hadn't had a drink in over 20 years. Some "Hangover-style" European backpacking trip went awry when two uninvited guests, opium and oblivion, crashed the party.

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