a channel

Feel like the "most interesting person in the world?" Try asking your Uber driver to tell you about the weirdest thing to happen to them this week. They've seen it all. One in particular mentioned that he hadn't had a drink in over 20 years. Some "Hangover-style" European backpacking trip went awry when two uninvited guests, opium and oblivion, crashed the party. The next morning he found himself waking up on a park bench in another country. Oh and he was wearing a sock. Just one. So yeah, no more drinky-drinky for that guy. In the years since, his buddies tend to tease him with snippits of things he did that night leading up to the bench. He refuses to hear the whole story. Lucky for him it was 20 years ago and no one had an "internet-enabled device". These stories, while painful and embarrassing for him, exist today only in the form of shared whispers.

This is not the world we live in today. 140 characters can have a tremendous impact. The upside is that we are empowered, more than any other point in history, to define our digital representation. Self expression is at an all time high. With a connected device and a working pair of thumbs (or if you're fancy, even speech-to-text dictation), we can invent and reinvent ourselves. But what's important is to choose how you want to be perceived, what you want to share, and most importantly, where to share it.

Are you sure...?

Lets be real - we've all had our mistakes, but the important thing is to be mindful of the picture you're trying to paint. At the risk of coming off as "old dad" here - you do you, bro - but there are different channels you can use to create different impressions. With a little pre-planning, you can futureproof your business or career and express yourself as freely as you like.

Synergies and storylines...

The story of you is more than just the sum of component parts. That doesn't mean that you should broadcast the same message all the time, however. LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram - each of these platforms speak to different audiences. Do you like smearing mashed potatoes in your eyebrows? Me too! But that's what Snapchat's all about. If you're concerned about a career with full benefits and a 401K, its probably not a good idea to use that as your LinkedIn profile pic. The point being, you can fine tune your storyline to work with different audiences, using each of these applications as the channel. Here's a personal example: I use Snapchat for people who know my middle name, Facebook for those that don't. Instagram for people who know I'm waaay into comics and LinkedIn to stay gainfully employed so I can buy 'em. There are more, sure, but you get the idea.

Questions? Comments? We're here to help... sound off below! :-)